Electric Tea Kettle Reviews

How to make the perfect cup of tea is often the cause of great debate. The secret to a great cup of tea is ensuring that you have the following 3 things correct.

The freshness of the tea.

The temperature of the water and;

The brewing time.

It seems reasonably easy when someone explains the actions required to pour that perfect cup of tea, however, people are just too busy these days to ensure that the brewing time is correct and the water temperature is exact.

Boiling the kettle or turning on the coffee machines seems to be the easiest and least time consuming process for our hectic mornings.

Finally, tea drinkers are being catered for through tea brewing machines. Now it is easy to get the cup of tea you desire with the correct water temperature and steeping time required.

Making a cup of tea, with any tea you like, has never been easier with Electric Tea Kettles. null

Lucky enough to test a number of electric tea kettles, Best copper tea kettle I have found what I believe to be the best 3 on the market.

Firstly, the Breville One-Touch Tea Maker. Definitely my favorite of the three. The Breville Tea Kettle features a fully machine-driven tea basket which moves down, then up, in and out of the water gently agitating the leaves.

The Breville Tea Brewer has a 60 minute keep warm feature and can be set to prepare tea at the programmed time. While tea is steeping the water temperature is held. Five degree increments allow the water temperature to be fully adjustable.

The only con I could find for the Breville Tea Kettle was the price. Definitely one of the more expensive Electric Tea Kettles available but in my opinion worth the money.

My second choice was actually the cheapest of the three kettles. The Adagio Teas TriniTea Electric 32 ounce tea maker.

A clever little machine that is very easy to use with two temperature settings and a variable steeping time of 2-7 minutes. The water is heated in the top chamber, drops into the steeping chamber with the tea, steeps for the required time, then drops into the carafe at the bottom. The best feature of this kettle is that it will keep your tea warm for hours.

The cons, it’s not fast. Taking up to 20 minutes, you may want to get this machine started a little earlier than usual.

Also I’ve noticed that a lot of people have complained about the carafe dripping while pouring the tea. Actually I’ve experienced this problem with a number of kettles I’ve owned and have found that you really just have to pour slowly to avoid drips.

Although it claims to make 4 cups of tea, I couldn’t manage to get 4 cups from it. Three cups was pretty much all I was able to produce.

Although there are a few flaws, given the price, I believe the Adagio Teas TriniTea Maker is still a good purchase.

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